Reverse Engineering

Fast and Easy Reverse Engineering with your Favorite Software
reverse engineering with Point2CAD and Karbon

Reverse Engineering Directly into SolidWorks

The fastest and easiest to use reverse engineering add-in for SolidWorks integrates seamlessly with Karbon Optical CMM.

Point2CAD is an indispensable software to quickly reverse-engineer physical parts into the SolidWorks CAD environment.  With Point2CAD, you can easily create parametric solid models from your physical part.  Using an arm is like using your mouse, but with the added ability to capture data live in 3D.

Define coordinate systems, probe features such as circles, slots and much more to generate the ideal model. You can even check your work or get guidance for defining tolerance, by probing over the part using the deviation check function.

Point2CAD's unique command plate workflow makes it the easiest reverse engineering tool in the market.

Also Available as a Bundle

You can get a better deal by getting the Reverse Engineering Bundle that Includes Karbon Optical CMM and Point2CAD for SolidWorks.

reverse engineering with Point2CAD and Karbon

From Real World to Rhinoceros

KARBON Optical CMM allows you to work directly in Rhinoceros.  KARBON works as a normal digitizer inside Rhinoceros and allows you to model directly into 3D space of your favorite modeling software.

You can generate a computer model from a physical object by sampling 3D coordinates point by point to create curves for surfacing. With KARBON, you can sample the points needed to create the required input curves and model complex shapes that are impossible to get accurately with traditional measuring tools.