Karbon Optical CMM

Versatile Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine

KARBON is an optical CMM for engineers and inspectors in various manufacturing industries. It offers user-friendly, repeatable and accurate measurements using a contact probe. The hardware comes in a lightweight and portable package. It is very easy to take KARBON to the work piece whenever necessary. The operator simply sets up the dual camera head on a tripod and starts measuring with an easy to handle stylus.

Compared to other existing CMM technologies, KARBON gives you total freedom of movement, increasing your productivity and quality of work.

The measurements are collected in real-time, directly into SolidWorks, Rhino and PolyWorks. For reverse engineering applications, try using the Point2CAD add-in which is fully integrated in SolidWorks. Users are now able to take advantage of parametric modeling directly from the part into your CAD environment.




KARBON is an easy investment that nets a return quickly. Training is minimal, inexperienced users will be producing reliable results quickly. KARBON's  handheld 3D probe is user friendly with features that guide users to produce accurate measurements resulting in higher productivity.

Power and Utilities
Heavy Machinery
Oil & Gas
Govemment & Defense

Reverse Engineering

  • Sketch Entities - Sketch lines, circles, ellipses, splines, slots, planes and other elements with your measuring arm.
  • AutoSketch – Quickly sketch profile perimeters.
  • Probe Compensation – Automatically apply offset values to compensate probe tips.
  • Command Plate - Work faster without a mouse or keyboard.
  • Leapfrog – Reposition the measuring arm around larger parts.
  • Best-Fit Algorithms – Apply the optimal faces/entities to represent rougher surfaces.
  • Measurement Modes – Acquire single points or use continuous scan modes.
  • Deviations - Inspect and compare the part to the parametric model.


  • IGES/STEP neutral CAD file translator: Import of IGES and STEP files
  • Part alignment toolset: Powerful set of data-to-CAD alignment techniques that include constrained surface and cross-sectional best-fit, best-fit within tolerance, as well as techniques based on features, reference points, flush and gap gauges, and more
  • Dimensional control toolset: Widest range of dimensional control tools on the market for a complete analysis of surface, boundary, and cross-sectional deviations, feature dimensions, flush and gap, profile radius, clearance, thickness, and more
  • Smart GD&T toolset: GD&T engine based on algorithms prescribed by the ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO 1101 standards, advanced Datum Reference Frame capabilities (supports datum feature patterns, composite datum features, and datum targets), tolerance zone size and mobility modifiers, radial and slab-like tolerance zones, and more
  • Native CAD file translators: Optional translators to import CAD models produced by professional CAD solutions: CATIA V6/V5, CATIA V4, NX (UG), Creo (Pro/E), Inventor, Parasolid, and SolidWorks 


Measurement Volume

Max. 735 mm W, max. 870 mm H, max. 860 mm L